I actually hate my picture taken. I mean loathe.

But as mentioned on my home page, I think photos are not always for us right now, but for whoever needs them in the future. Whether it be yourself, your children, or their children. Capture who you are now to help tell your story then. Because a picture is the only thing that can keep a memory forever.

I love providing that gift for families. To stop time and show them how much they mean to each other. As an outsider I can't help but to become invested.

Being a photographer is more to me than snapping a couple photos. I really care. I know everyone says it, but honestly, I really do. I like to know about how you met, about how you got here, about who you are. I might be too much of an empath at the end of the day, but I really love leaving sessions feeling like I've made new friends. The best photos come from easy conversation and laughter, not stale business transactions. And the more you let me know about yourself, the easier it is for me to capture you as you.


Here are some facts about me:

  • I have the best husband ever
  • we have a cat and a weenie dog
  • this photo describes us to a t
  • I've had a camera in my hand since I was 12
  • I have five different food allergies. I can't eat out, but that's ok because now I know how to cook just about anything.
  • I love reading and all things outdoors